Know Your Rights

All employees, according to the National Labor Relations Act, have the right to:

– ORGANIZE a Union and collectively bargain with your employer as equals over wages, benefits and anything that affects our work. 

– ATTEND union meetings.

– TALK about the union freely any place where you can discuss other non-work related issues. If you can talk about sports, the weather, or your family, you can discuss union issues and it is illegal for management to interfere.

– READ or distribute Union leaflets. Management may not remove or discard Union leaflets in non-patient care areas. 

– SIGN a Union card or petition.

– WEAR Union buttons and stickers.

Intimidation by management is a violation of your rights and is against the law.

If any manager engages in unlawful behavior, immediately write down the name of the manager, the incident, time, any witnesses and contact your unit point person.


Now that we have formed our union, we have the right to union representation in any meeting that we reasonably believe is disciplinary or is investigatory and could lead to discipline.

If a manager calls you into a meeting, you have the right to say, “I have a reasonable belief that this meeting will result in discipline. I am invoking my Weingarten rights to have a Union representative present and I request to postpone the meeting until my Union representative can join me.” 

Then contact your bargaining representative or email to connect with a steward.