Support Staff United Officers:

President – Heather Bauman, Phlebotomist,

Secretary – Melissa Lavallee, Admin/Financial Assistant,

Treasurer – Kenan Avdibegovic, Patient Support Services Lead,

Vice President of Communications/Outreach – Jacob Berkowitz, Staffing Office Specialist,

Vice President of Education and Advocacy – Leah Briggs, Phlebotomy Operations Coordinator,

Grievance Chair- Betsy Brown, Call Center Lead,

Support Staff United Chief Stewards

IDX/Remote/Call Center – Becci Searle-Schrader, Senior Code Alert Operator,

Cost Centers: PASC UVMHN, Call Center, PFS Customer Services, Language Access Services, Mental Health Admin, OCV Member Services, Reg-Financial Clearance Center, Dept Cost Pool, Rehab Admissions

Inpatient Cardiology/Critical Care – Lisa LaFreniere, Unit Sec,

Cost Centers: MICU, SICU, Miller 3, Miller 4

Distribution/Materials – Jeremy Giroux, Distribution Shift Coordinator,

Cost Centers: Distribution Center, Inventory Control, Laundry & Linen, Safety and Industrial Hygiene, Mail Room

Nutrition Services (Main Campus) – Corey Gottfried, Line Chef,

Nutrition Services (Main Campus) – Eric Leon, Line Chef,

Cost Centers: Dining Services, Main Kitchen, Main Street Cafe, Nutrition Services, Garden Atrium

Cardiology/Radiology – Beth Manion, SCOA,

Cost Centers: Respiratory Care, Card Non Invasive, Cardiology, EP Services, McClure 1 CVU, Digital Imaging Services, Nuclear Medicine, Neuro Interventional Radiology, Magnetic Resonances, Radiology Communications, Radiology Physicians Admin, Comp Axial Tomograph, Diag Ultrasound, Diagnostic Radiology

PeriOp – Charlene Spaulding, Unit Sec,

Cost Centers: PreOp, PACU, MCHV OR, Anesthesiology, Comfort 1 Zone, PreOperative Admissions, PeriOp Services

Labs – Jamie Potts, Phlebotomy Operations Coordinator,

Cost Centers: Anatomic Pathology, Lab Outreach Reg Qual Ed, Pathology/Lab, Lab Customer Support, Lab Phlebotomy, Lab Chemistry, Lab Cytology, Lab Gen Support, Lab Hematology, Lab Histology, Lab Microbiology

Fanny Allen – Sue Kelley, LNA,

Cost Centers: Inpatient Rehab, Inpatient Rehab Therapies, Fanny Allen Nutrition, FP Walk-in Care, Pelvic Med, Diagnostic OP Radiology, Neurology Memory Center, Urology MOB, Audiology, Ctr-Dis-Comm, ROC, Psychological Serv

Outpatient ACC – Shannon Lawrence, Medical Assistant II,

Outpatient ACC – Addie Metivier, Operations Support Specialist,

Cost Centers: Clinical Neurophysio, Endoscopy, U-Gastroenterology, U-Dermatology, Ophthalmology ACC, U-Otolaryngology, Office of Clinical Trials, Vascular Surgery, Neurology Stroke Center, U-Neurology, U-Neurosurgery, U-Infectious Diseases, U-Pulmonary, ACF Cost Pool, U-Rheumatology, U-Urology, U-Oncology, Women’s Module Admin, Midwifery Program, OBGYN, MFMS/VPC, Surgery – General/ACC, Univ VCH, UVM CH Endocrinology, U-Pediatric Surgery, Neurology Pediatrics, Cardiac & Thoracic, Reproductive Endo and Infertility

Environmental Services – Ali Amir, Envir Svcs Worker II,

Cost Center: Environmental Services 

Inpatient Medicine – Justin Bisonette, Licensed Nurse Assistant,

Cost Centers: McClure 6, Baird 3, Baird 4, Miller 5

Patient Support/Guest Experience/Staffing/Others – Josh Shults, PSS Emergency Response Orderly,

Cost Centers: Staffing Office, Security (admin), Guest Experience, Patient Oriented Research, Patient Support Services, Volunteers

Outpatient Clinics (Other Locations) – Gabriela White, Clinical Care Associate,

Cost Centers: FM Colchester, FM Milton, CVMC ENT (Berlin), Berlin FM, Geriatrics (Williston), GIM Essex, GIM Williston, Hinesburg Family Practice, PCIM Home Mgmt, Eye Center/Berlin/Stowe, Urology Middlebury, U-Plastic

Shep/ED/Registration Chief Steward – Brenden Gregoire, Licensed Nurse Assistant,

Cost Centers: Registration, Psychiatry Inpatient/Consult, Emergency Room, Shep 3/6

Inpatient Mother/Baby/Child Chief Steward – Jessica Savard, Unit Secretary/LNA,

Cost Centers: Baird 5, Birthing Center, Mother-Baby, NICU, Pediatric Critical Care

Congratulations to our Executive Board and we are so excited to work together to continue to build our union and defend our historic contract. The following positions remain vacant on our Executive Board:

  • Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (1)
  • Vice President of Organizing (1)
  • Grievance Chair (1)
  • UHC Chief Steward (1)
  • Environmental Services Chief Steward (1)
  • Cancer/Radiology Chief Steward (1)
  • Outpatient Clinics (South Burlington) Chief Steward (1)
  • Ortho Chief Steward (1)
  • Inpatient Surg/Trauma (1)
  • CPSA (1)

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about joining the Executive Board, please reach out to or any of the folks on your Executive Board!`